IMPORTANT UPDATE! Amazing Single Mothers Essay Contest

All mothers are amazing! We’d like to hear about an AMAZING SINGLE MOTHER IN MILWAUKEE.

Here’s your chance to brag about your mother, or a single mother that you know. Or maybe, YOU are an amazing single mother! Tell us what makes her (or YOU) so special for a chance to win a REAL . . . → Read More: IMPORTANT UPDATE! Amazing Single Mothers Essay Contest

Guest Post – A Stroke of Luck

This post is being shared with you from a friend who shared on facebook. It is truly an encouragement and testimony of God’s grace. Living with VISION often means experiencing detours, while learning that God is still in control.

Enjoy and be blessed!

It’s been 2 years since my life changing stroke. Still I have . . . → Read More: Guest Post – A Stroke of Luck

A Mother’s Work – Taking Care of GOD’s Business

Did you know that you’re “taking care of God’s business” as you take care of your children? You’ve been granted an awesome privilege and responsibility! God has entrusted his dear little ones to you and prayerfully you won’t take the job lightly. There may be times when the going gets rough, but you can handle . . . → Read More: A Mother’s Work – Taking Care of GOD’s Business

If You Can See It, You Can Build It

This morning I woke up with a conversation I had with my dad many years ago on my mind. I’d watched him build a wooden swing in my parents’ back yard. He spent several days cutting, measuring, nailing, sawing and finally applying the stain. I was impressed at the finished product, which in now a . . . → Read More: If You Can See It, You Can Build It

Featured Guest – Sue Coburn

“When Living On Broken Pieces”

Do You Feel Like Your Life Gets Broken Piece By Piece?

Well, Don’t You Worry, It Is God Who Will Soon Allow The Release.

It Is The Release Where He Finally Speaks To All Your Storms,

Only When He Speaks, Your Destiny Will Be Born.

I Was Pregnant . . . → Read More: Featured Guest – Sue Coburn

Watch What You Say

Words have power. Kids are listening even when you don’t think they are. If they hear you say it, they will repeat it. Make certain your words are worth repeating. More importantly, choose words that build up and encourage, rather than tear down and discourage. Children’s perceptions of themselves are shaped by the words . . . → Read More: Watch What You Say

What About Me?

Often times, “time for myself” is not on the list of items that a single mom typically schedules into her juggling act. Take time for rest, and restoration. You’re no good to your children, or anyone else for that matter, if you’re tired and empty. You can’t pour from an empty vessel, so it’s important . . . → Read More: What About Me?


Esther’s background and upbringing certainly made her an “unlikely” candidate for God to use for His purpose. Perhaps you’re shrinking from your purpose because you feel that God can use you. God can take any circumstance and cause it to work out for His glory and for our good. Take a moment to think about . . . → Read More: FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS

Don’t Look Back

The key to experiencing harmony in life is to live in the present, with an eye on the future. Disharmony creeps in when we allow thoughts of unpleasant pasts to invade our minds. Looking back causes us to get stuck. Mistakes, regrets and disappointments reside in the shadows of life, and they seem to call . . . → Read More: Don’t Look Back


“Do what you’re told,” is the common mantra heard by children growing up. One of the first lessons we teach our children is to obey. For a child to disobey is an invitation for trouble. As I’ve taught my children lessons in obedience, I’ve been reminded of God’s expectation from us, HIS children, that we . . . → Read More: OBEDIENCE


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